How can i transfer an existing project to REframework?

hello all,
i was hopping to get a solution on how to transfer my existing project RE framework.
i want to do this as my current project hasn’t got any error handling.
and i would also like to apply best practice and at the moment my project has not implemented that.

Thank you



There is no proper Activity to directly to do this.

You have to identify proper TransactionItem and TransactionData in your process and based on that you have to design your process in REFramework.

you go through this link


do you know of any example RE framework projects on the internet i can use as a reference?

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Please go through Level 3 - Advanced Training in Uipath and then you will get to know more about REFramework and also you will find example there.

Thank you i will have a look

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This might give you some insights

Cheers @Rowley101

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