How to add Queue items to a queue in a shared folder?

I tried to add items, Studio threw this error "“Exception Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Source Anonymously Hosted DynamicMethods Assembly”, however if I trial and create the same Queue in the Classic/Default/Worksapce folder… it add it there.
I’m a newbie and still exploring the features in Orchestrator, any help will be appreciated

Raf, in the Add Queue Item activity, there’s a property called “Folder Path”. Type on it the name of the folder where you Queue is located.

Another place you should check, is the folder selector on Studio that is located on the lower part of the app:

Click on it to change your studio folder context.

But I guess that the error message you are receiving is not related to your folder and queue names, it’s looks like something else. Send here some prints of the error and workflow so we can check better what’s happening.

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Thanks Lucas! That was it, I entered the path to the folder and also changed it at the bottom. The error disappeared and I’m able to add to the Queue in the Shared folder.


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This is simple add Q activity then give the folder path shared

make sure in the studio you should change the folderpath shared

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Your welcome! Dont forget to mark my answer as the solution please

Thanks Chetan for your help.

Sure Lucas, will do. Thanks again.

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