How To Add New Screens & elements to exiting Object repository?


Looking for some help:

We have an existing Object Repository for version 1.1 of an in-house application published to Orchestrator. When the Object Repository was created and published to orchestrator form a different machine, it only had a small number of elements recorded in it from the website. Although the website hasn’t changed, I have since needed to record different elements from the same version of the website.

In UiPath Studio I can see the published Object Repository in Ui Libraries & above that, I can see all my newly recorded elements in Project Ui Descriptors.

I’m now having trouble trying to combine my updates to the same Object Repository, though i understand this version will increment.

I have tried clicking Extract as Ui Library Project however, that just takes all of my new elements and puts them in a new package. How do I join both libraries as all the elements are for the same version of the website.

Thanking you in advance


I huess you need to export as sperate ui library…if you try on same it might not merge


@Anil_G Is there no way to add to build upon an existing repository?


You need to first get the same elements repo and then add to it and update


I have added the existing package to my project. When i try to add new elements to it, they show in Project Ui Descriptors - not within the existing package. How do I contribute to the existing library? Surely I don’t need to record everything again? @ppr