Care to share your best practices extracting and combining UI Libraries

Hi all.

We have a new UI Path installment, nothing is set up yet and I find the documentation to be incomplete. I hope that the community here can help fill in the gaps.

I have a project in Studio where I’ve recorded several workflows and built an object repository at the same time.
I’d like to make this object repository reusable and accessible to other users.
But also, if other users are at the same stage, I’d like to be able to merge their object repositories so we’re not doubling the effort and recording the same objects multiple times.

Following these docs
I extracted my object repository as UI Library Project. That works fine. Next step is to publish it.

But how can I add objects from the other users’ UI libraries?

So let’s say, they’ll follow the same steps and publish their libraries. How can we take 3 libraries and put them together into one? I see an option to extract to a NEW library, but no options to extract to an existing library. Do I have to move files manually? Which files? Or is there a way to copy and paste objects from one library to another?

Related to that, will that mean that we’ll have to adjust every activity in our projects manually to use objects from the merged library? (it’s not a lot of projects yet, we only got started recently, but of course, if there’s an easier way, we’d use that)

They have to save theirs as UI Library projects, then you can open them and modify them, then publish them.

How can we take 3 libraries and put them together into one?

There is nothing built into UiPath to do this. This is where code management comes into play. You should have one library project that you all work on, not 3 separate ones.

I guess that my past experience spoiled me. When the test cases are written in code, once your code is ready to go, you can just copy and paste it into the shared library and publish so everyone has access.
For a product that’s supposed to be easier to use than the fully coded solutions, UI Path sure feels a lot more limiting.

You can just copy/paste the XAML files from one library to another, but differences in dependency versions could cause issues (or missing dependencies). If you are merging project B into project A by copying XAMLs from B to A, and project B uses UiPath.Database.Activities which is missing from project A, you can manually update the project.json file in project A or just open A in Studio and add it. When you open a project in Studio what you’re really opening is the project.json file.

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