How to add new data to already existing data sheet

Hi team,

i m having a month data sheet i need to add the records from daily data sheet to monthly as shown below
dose any one know a way to do this and get the Total item wise.

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Hi @Tharusha.fernando

You can use excel formula in the last cell


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hi @Sudharsan_AIT

before calculating the total i need to move the data from sheet 1 to sheet 2
dose you know a way to do so

Hi @Tharusha.fernando , if you just to want add the new data to an existing sheet, without overwrite it’s content, you can use the Append Line/Append Range activities.

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Hi @Tharusha.fernando ,
You can try below:
In monthly excel sheet create headers with item names like Coffee,Tea etc., Add an excel sum formula in row 32 (excluding header) to sum values from row 1 to 31 for 31 days in a month and on a daily basis you can loop through every row item in daily sheet and can update in monthly sheet i.e., on day 1 update data in 1st row , on day 10 update in 10th row and so on…

Note: This will work only if the item names will not change for every run.

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Best way to achieve this requirement through excel vlookup formulas.

First step we have to find out the next empty row for the cofee use write cell to write the Cofee name.

We knew the both excel having the common text as Cofee or Tea based on this value we can get the count from monthly sheet. After getting the count we can use sum formula for the second column to get the total count.

We can enter vlookup and sum formula using write cell activity in uipath. Thanks.

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How to write Row value on next sheet

@Tharusha.fernando, Refer to this link. I hope you’ll solve your automation.

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hi Every one

After some testing i build a workflow to do the same
if any one is interested reefer the attachment

downlaodFiles.xaml (17.0 KB)

Thank you

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