How to add a new data row in to the excel every time

hey guys, i need to add new data row to the excel for every transaction without replacing the old the old data row. please let me know.


Hi @Manoj_sreekanth

you can use the append range activity, or also read your entire datatable and the use the add data row activity and the use a write range activity to write back the whole datatable with the new row added


hey thanks for the input, i am using the append range.

but the data is repeating everytime.

in the first run it is writing properly, but how to manage second run data ?

basically store the output result in output data table and next using add data row, after that i am using write range activity.

but in the 2nd run iam not sure what to do because if we use write range it will replace old row and write new row.

can i know what are you trying to do?, maybe an example

i am filtering a data table and adding those results in a data row format and further i am copying them to a output data table, after which i am using add data row and write range to write the result into different sheet

try replacing the write range with Append range ?

i dont get the headers if we use append range directly, this is where i am struggling actually. the data is appending properly but i am un able to get the headers for the same excel after appending the data in every transaction.


what if you append to the datatable and finally outside the loop write it into the excel

Hey, you need to append range outside your loop when you process the data per run. It worked.

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