How to add multiple filter based web scraping

I am trying to extract some information using the web scraping methods of UIPath. I am able to extract the complete page but when I try to put the filters into this I am getting the issue .

If I want to extract data from in the category like ’ Beauty Products ’ → ‘Razor’ , In the Razor section I am getting multiple options of Razor 1 , Razor 2 …Razor 3 etc, with the option of different brands

Now i want the data should be like

Category Sub Category Sub Sub Category Sub Sub Sub category Product Extraction
Beauty & Personal Care Shave & Hair Removal Cartridges & Refills Schick Razor

if it structured data, use data scrapping activity form that extract the table and paste it in Excel and after that u can do filter using filter wizard activity.
Hopefully it will help u :slight_smile:

Hi @saurabhiim

If you have the capability of filtering out the results shown in the page based on the filters available in the web search, that’s one step of filtering out the results before the data scraping. The next step is to filter out the results that are not required from the remaining data that are extracted. For that you can use the data scraping wizard to scrape the data in the web page onto a data table activity. Once the data is captured to the data table, you can use the Filter Data Table activity to filter the results.

Hi All ,

Thanks for the revert but in this case, i am able to get the entire data but i want in the output file their is presence of all the categories and subcategories also

Beauty & Personal Care -› Shave & Hair Removal : - > Shave & Hair Removal : - > Schick Hydro Sense Sensitive Razors for Men


Saurabh Jain

Hi @saurabhiim

Based on filter datatable activity u can use or condition to get the entire results


Hello @AshwinS2,

Thanks for the Revert but wan we have some inbuilt process which can help in navigating with in the page like example if i have a page of then by doing various filtering options i can get the data along with the entire details like from which category this product belongs


Saurabh Jain