Adding folder path hyperlink in email body of send Outlook Email Activity

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I have gone through various related topic on this forum but my issue is not resolved. Appreciate your help. Please help with correct syntax to prepare a email body to pass in the Send Outlook Email body.
Requirement is below
The RPA process has completed. The data is now available at below location.

File Path hyperlink


Currently I am passing the below where I am getting syntax error.

“The RPA process has completed. The data is now available at below location.”
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” +


I am.noy cleared by the email body

Can u share a screenshot of in text file

Actually email body got formatted automatically here. Here is the screenshot.

  1. Use send an outlook mail message with checked property IsBodyHTML and use below string in the body

Just replace YourURL or Link by ‘“+config(“Sign”).ToString +”’

don’t remove single quotes…

my URL and value saved in Config(“sign”).ToString variable is different. Config(“sign”).ToString has signature of the email.

Ok then just pass file path variable at the place of YourURL or Link

Yes that worked but I also want to pass config variable at the end. What would be the syntax to include config variable?

"<html><body><p><a href="+YourPathVariable.ToString+">Click Here</a></p><br><p>"+Config("sign").ToString+"</p></body>
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With this code, I am getting XML name expected error.
Also in this code where text (RPA Process has completed. The data is available at ) will go?

Remove all the new lines and write it down in string

Updated in above comment…check it now

I am getting Compilation error, Expression expected. Also how should I include the text - RPA Process has completed. The data is available at below location before the file path?

Use the expression as it is written… create and store your path in the variable and replace the YourPathVariable with the one you have created…

It worked. Thank you for help and patience. :slight_smile:

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