Which type i can Navigate Folder path in get out look mail body

Hello…in get outlook mail body i need write this type,
This is automation generate mail,

Your folder path is [\Desktop\rpa\rpastudio1]

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I need this font to send mail to other person in get outlook send and i have written in body but i need navigate my folder path.because currently its show only (\Desktop\rpa\rpastudio1) this type…but i need clickable path. like if customer can click on that and directly they do to in that folder.

so can you say me with example and code.

Hello @rAE_rAS,

I’m not sure if I have misunderstood you.

If you would like to send the filepath as a link on the Send Outlook mail activity, please enable the “IsHtml” option and use this;

<p>"<br />This is automation generate mail,</p>
<p>Your folder path is <a href="[\Desktop\rpa\rpastudio1]">[\Desktop\rpa\rpastudio1]</a></p>
<p>Best Regards,</p>



not working

Can you be more specific?