How to add increment number based on change value of cell in excel

I am trying to do an increment number of a column based on change of value of a cell.
How can I add the formula and update the cell?



A solution can be to do a dictionary<String, Integer> and when you encounter a product, either it exists in the dictionary then add 1 to the value or it not exists and you create it with value 1. Then when you encounter Apple for the second time, you increment its value in the dictionary and write : dictionary(“Apple”) + ") " + description

You can also use a for each loop with an index starting at (0) = index(1)

The value of Product changes every run, and is not fixed.
How can I create a dictionary using Studiox? Can you give me an example?

Can I do For Each Row and add this formula =IF(A4 <> A3,1,F3 +1) to add sequential number based on condition and Description?

in your for each loop assign an index to the row for product row.indexof(item) + 2 the write that to the cell using a write cell. Use an index + 2 because the bot reads your table bottom up and the header is index 1

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