How can I make increment of the text on website

I am trying to add a formula or expression which can help me with increment of term ‘CD1’ to ‘CD2’, ‘CD3’, so on, whenever Bot makes a new entry.

How do i do it?


You would need to add a step at the beginning of your automation in which it adds a 1 in a cell in your scratchpad.

  1. Now in your loop, you would need to add a step to read that cell
  2. Put that value in the advance editor from the type into
  3. And do a write cell in the same cell, but with the stored value +1

Can you explain the last 2 steps. What do i do exactly?

HI @Aakanksha_Garg

Have a look on the XAML file

CounterIncrement.xaml (9.5 KB)



I did this instead. But how do i increase the counter in excel?

I did this later, and now i am getting an error


Hi @Aakanksha_Garg

You need to write the CD1, CD2, CD3,… in the excel file?


not in excel, on the website. There is a form, where i want the bot to add CD1, CD2 so on for each new entry

Refer the above XAML file @Aakanksha_Garg

Use Type Into activity and write the value in the website

The XAML file doesn’t support my version

How do make a variable Counter?


Check out the Screenshot @Aakanksha_Garg

Main.xaml (8.9 KB)



Ok you manage some steps, but the +1 should be in the what to write, not in the where to write
Also you would need to as the very first action in your Use excel file, a write cell, to write a number 1 in the A1 cell, sheet 1, so that when it reaches the read it reads a 1, if not it will tell you about the null error.

Once you finish those steps, put the read cell value, the type into and the write cell inside a loop, the loop could vary depending on what you want to do, for example the most simple loop could be a “Repeat number of times” so in that way it will generate a different C1, c2 etc…

Let me know with SS if possible how it goes.