Date increment in excel through uipath

i need to update different cell according to there anyway to check whther the current date matches the date in the excel columns and update that specific cell?

Hi @Tonkyun,

Yes, you can.

  1. Create a counter (to keep track of what row number you are already)
  2. Read the Excel file.
  3. Use For Each Row.
  4. Use an If activity to check if the current date is equal to the value of the column.
    5.1. If True, update the cell/s using Write Cell. Use the Counter variable for the range property. Then Break.
    5.2. Else, increment the counter.

Thank and regards.

Hi thk you but how do i increment the alphabet.bcoz the column axis is in alphabets. @Jan_Brian_Despi

Two of the below posts could help you:

Hi i suppose im to use the column number to column alphabets. but i dun rlly get it can i still use it if i wan to range my column from E:AI?if so how?
(P>S if im missing smth simple still quite new)