Help on how to use Build data table activity

i will use you sample but if you have time to show me how to do it with build data i will be gratful

Hey @Soudios

Take a look at this tutorial. I have found it useful.

Provide a sample when you get stuck and there are lots of people on the forums who can assist :blush:

Hi @Soudios

Here is the step to use Build Data Table activity.

Step 1: Drag and Drop /Add an Build Data Table activity to your flow from the Activities panel which comes under Programming->DataTable


Step 2:Click on DataTable and define the column you want in the table alone with its data type by clicking on the highlighted ‘+’ button


Step 3: The Final output should be assigned to a variable of DataTable type.


Step 4: By using Add Data Row activity you can add row(s) to the DataTable


Hope this will be useful. Thank you.