How to Add data to edit grid in UiPath Apps

Currently, I create a data table in UiPath Apps and then reference it in the edit grid.

Is it possible to add data to the data table from the data row in the edit grid? or need to reference as an entity?

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Thank you for sharing, now I’m working on Apps to receive input/ edit/ delete rows in the edit grid.


In UiPath Apps, you would use an Edit Grid to display and edit data from a DataTable, and the data source is read-only by default. If you need to make changes to the DataTable based on user input in the Edit Grid, you would typically handle that logic in the workflow or application logic outside of the Edit Grid itself.

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To add data to a data table in UiPath Apps from a data row in the edit grid, you need to reference it as an entity rather than directly adding data from the data row in the edit grid.


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just follow this:

Usually you have to reference an entity using the data service, which is only available in the pro trial or enterprise cloud.

However for me this is not working. I have created an entity and added it to my app. I add the “Edit Grid” to my app and in Data Source I select the Query Builder and select my Entity. But when I click save it does not apply the data source correctly and does not populate the columns. The whole process is described here:

But it is not working. It remains like this:


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