Changing the values in a data table inside uipath apps

I have this data table that comes from an excel file (read range).

the idea is to have this timesheet that’s based on data that’s combined from multiple platforms and show it to the group supervisor. However the supervisors requested to be able to edit the data if needed then approve it or even approve without editing.

With uipath apps I’m able to show the datatable that i got from the excel and use the approve or reject buttons and set their functionality to perform certain actions on-click. but the question is how can i be able to represent this data that I have and at the same time make it possible for the user to see and edit the data live from uipath apps before they can approve it or submit it ?

@kamal_hamad ,

Inline table edit is not possible each row right now but what you can do please follow below idea if you like.

  1. Add a button on table header Edit
    2.On edit click open the page to edit record
    3.Create an another Page to view data and populate each control data separately
    4.Add a button update
    5.On Update click update the LOB data
    6.Close Page and re-load Table data.


Thanks Arvind,
I will try your approach today and get back to you.

We have a new control ( Edit grid ) that will be available by end of this year, where the users can make inline edits to values

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@Venkata_Rajendran ,

Thanks for update. looking forward for this.


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