How can i enter text in the UiPath Apps table

Dear All,
How i enter text in the table created in UiPath apps? I wanted users to enter the data in the rows manually later stored into a data table.

Kindly guide me.


There is no feature right now to save the data into temp memory and store into data table latter.

I would say please follow below approach.

1 Create a page with table.
2 Add button on top of table +Add
you can design page as below

3 On click of button open page to capture record
4 Add button on sub page save or cancel
5 on save store data into source system and refresh table data

Thanks Arvind… So there is no way to enter data into rows manually? I will try the above solution soon.
Thanks again.

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Yes . Please !! Let me know if you have any issue with suggested approach.

@Arvind_Kumar1 I really like this approach that you have used here; using modal windows and refreshing the table when changes are made should give maximum control over the data and allow for required field or conditional checks upon add or edit.

@Shaik_Tharim, tables are display only controls… so you can’t use them to input or edit data. However, there is a control that developers often call a grid control that would normally serve the purpose of having an editable grid of items on the app. At this time, UiPath Apps doesn’t have a grid control so Arvind’s workaround is probably your best bet.

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