APPS : Edit Grid with Datatables - add datarow to DT with given values

Hi there!

We’re using the last release of Apps with EDIT GRID and VB expressions.
To simplify, let’s imagine we have an App with 1 string variable and 1 datatable variable.
One edit grid activity displays the datatable that is initialized with some data inside.

We want to make it possible to add rows that have in a given column the value of that string variable. I don’t see how since I can’t create a variable of type ‘datarow’

Any ideas?

@yrobert ,

This is not supported right now. Edit grid do not support and custom columns currently however this is into road map.


that’s sad
it would be an efficient way to create rows with data that is ‘repetitive’
or also an efficient way to know which rows are from the process and which row have been added by the user