How to add data one after other from web browser to the excel

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I am doing the data scrapping after entering claim numbers,
For each iteration I will find one record, after scrapping the one record I need to write into an excel.
suppose If I have 4 claim numbers then I want to data scrap for 4 times then I want to add each data to excel one by one like append.
after each iteration the record will be one ,
how can I add the each record one by one in excel.


please follow these steps
1- build data table and give datatable variables with columns name
2- the inside for each where you are getting data each time->put add data row.
3-In add data row put array of variables like-{variable1,variable2}
4-ouside use write range activity to write in excel and give datatable variable

@HeartCatcher Thank you so much. Happy learning Stay blessed

sample code, here I am getting data from multiple text files and stored in excel.
but in your case you are getting from web
Unzip_Folder_Get_Information.xaml (21.3 KB)

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