How to add data into a excel column dynamically

I need data to be added to an excel everyday into a new column in a sheet.

For example to add the market price of 5 shares every day, with a new column for each day every day.

How can i do this. I want the column address to be dynamic i.e don’t want to use look up function as column name, in this case the date, is also dynamic.

Did we try with ADD DATACOLUMN activity

Cheers @tharinda

Hi, Add data column worked with that i created a new column. But i am unable to write that column in to excel next to the last populated column in the excel sheet.
Every day a column will be created, and i need that column to be added to the sheet every day so over time i have data for each day in columns
How can i do that. Thanks for responding.


I ended up using the following solution provided by @aksh1yadav , where the attached work flow was designed to dynamically give the column name. So I assigned a column counter variable and input it into the the work flow done by @aksh1yadav. The output of the work flow was then given to the write range activity. So what happens is the robot reads the file, counts the number of columns in the excel, count+1 gives empty column numeric, that goes into write range activity range.

Thanks again for the response, appreciate.

@aksh1yadav if you do see this post, would love to understand the logic behind the workflow you gave. Trying to figure out how it works :grinning:Excel_Column_Name_mapping.xaml (6.1 KB)


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