Adding the Excel columns data dianamically

I have ex
Financial Sample1.xlsx (68.1 KB)
cel sheet with some columns
i want to add col B and C and paste the output in Base Column
similary i also want to add D and F paste the output in Meters column
and i also want to add F and G paste the output in Taxcolumn

i want to do this dynamically or any other easy method of doing this.

Please suggest…

Iam also attaching Sample excel file

You can achieve this easily using LINQ.

ok i dont how to do with Linq can you help me

Workflow.xaml (9.4 KB)
Kindly refer to the attached solution.
Please mark as solution. Thank you. (114.0 KB)
Use activity read range to get the Table, and inside of for each row in datatable add the Update Row Item.

Out of for each you have the fresh datatable, which can be use as you wish.

in my zip i have done it with string you can convert in int, float etc as you liked.

its giving error though column belongs to this datatable

That means you have changed the Column that has Sales as header to another thing.
Kindly compare the excel you attached to what you are using.

If you’re using column A, B, C etc without their header name, I will have to modify the codes.
I will do that when I can access my PC.

AddColumns.xaml (9.4 KB)
Kindly refer to this updated. I now used the column indexes and not column names.


Easiet would be to use write cell with formula as "=$B1+$C1"

Similarly use for other columns as well

And then use auto fill range


i have data to 8k updating each row would take lot of time

Hi Anil here i want to update the sum in 3 columns Like Base Meters Tax
do i have take the last cell index of only one column or 3 columns
kindly clarify


For each column you need a set of write cell and auto fill range

Which means separate filling range for eqch


like this i have to make 2 more diff seq…
can we write the code in one seq


You can continue in same


@T_Y_Raju this will solve your problem.
Check it out.