How to add new column with data to Excel sheet everyday

Hi I am scraping price data for a range of products from a e-commerce site. The price scrape will happen daily

I want to add the scraped price data everyday to a master file with prices added to a new column.

  1. How do i add the price data to a new column, is it possible to make write range activity to be dynamic for coloumn as well as rows?
  2. How do i get the column header to be the date of that respective date

I have done the robot up to scraping the data and filtering the data to the few products i want using Join data table activity as filtering tool. I’m stuck with how to get the prices in to a new column everyday and for the column header to have the date

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Welcome to uipath community
Yah that’s possible with ADD DATACOLUMN activity

And to mention the date of each day as header
In add data column activity mention as DateTime.Now.ToString(“dd-MM-yyyy”)

Cheers @tharinda

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Thanks you, and thanks a lot for the response.

How do you do this in an excel, if the i want to keep on adding new columns with date header every day. If i do it this way, i will need to read the excel into data table, then add the new days data using add data column activity and then rewrite to excel. Is there a way to do this via excel?

Apologies if im asking the obvious, just started off with UIPath, and have zero programming skills :grinning:

@Palaniyappan I have a similar kind of scenario

Workflow: follows some steps

  1. Here I’m reading a sheet from excel sheet
  2. Comparing two columns from the sheet
  3. If the data match, the bot will select that row cell and today’s date column
  4. Bot will write right tick on that cell
  5. Similarly these steps will perform for 100+ row data

Note: the entire process will execute only once a day

The next day the matching row cell will be the same but the column will be current dates day

Therefore I want to add today’s date column every day and the column will add from “F” name of the column in the excel

Thanks in advanced