Add column in excel with column name

how to add column in excel with column name …we are using add data column but it will not write column name…help…

Did you check “ Insert Column ” activity

Hi @Gauri_Rawool

Use add data column and then use write range it will work or else

Build Data table
and add data row and then use write range

Ashwin S

but how we add value to that column after creating column…in add data column we can add default values of that column but it will not write the column name.

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okay i got you
do one thing,
to add values use Add data row inside the for each loop
and change the column names you can use this outside the loop
yourDataTableVariable.Columns(0).ColumnName = “yourNewColumnName”
and use write range!

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we have dynamic columns

and what is table name in insert column activity

@Gauri_Rawool For Insert Column Activity , First you need to Convert your Excel into A Table :sweat_smile:, Then you need to use that Table name

how we can do this…

Hi @Gauri_Rawool
Try excel application scope and use Insert/Delete Columns and give insert and position of where you want to insert

Ashwin S

@Gauri_Rawool Can you tell me Exactly What you need to do ? :sweat_smile:

Hi @Gauri_Rawool

1.Use Add data column in properties pass Column Name and Data table.
2.In data table where you add column position use Invoke method.
in properties panel parameters set position of the column
3.And then use Write Range in the properties check add headers.

Kommi Jeevan.

in target object we have to give all column names??..we have dynamic columns 300-400 columns.

we have dynmaic columns… we can not set position…

Hi @Gauri_Rawool
Do Build Data table and add columns inside it and then use write range

Ashwin S

what do you want to do exactly?
you want to add values to all the columns? or add new column?

Hi @Gauri_Rawool,

First you are reading the value from excel into data table and after that your are adding the multiple Column into Data table using Add data column activity ,Finally you will use Write range activity to write that value into Excel their you need to select “Add Header” Property as shown below.So this property will provide column name as well.



i want to add new column with default value.

How about using the add data column activity and the default value property of the activity to set the default value for the new column?

In this activity,where we can specify new Column Name in Insert/Delete coulmn activity?

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