How to add Current Date in the footer of the Word File

Suggest a method to do it.

Hi @Gopikrishna_S

you can follow these steps:

  1. Configure the Open Application activity to open Microsoft Word.
  2. Add a Click activity to click on the Insert tab in Word. You can use the Indicate on screen option to select the Insert tab.
  3. Use another Click activity to click on the Footer button in the Header & Footer group.
  4. Add a Type Into activity to enter editing mode for the footer. You can use the Indicate on screen option to select the footer area.
  5. Use a Type Into activity to type the desired text in the footer. To add the current date,
  1. Add a Send Hotkey activity to exit the footer editing mode. Use the Enter key as the hotkey.
  2. Finally, add a Click activity to save the Word document. You can use the Ctrl + S hotkey to save it.


Hello @Gopikrishna_S
Try this

  1. In a Word document, Enter the specific unique name in the footer where need to enter the Date as manually. Like"TodayDate"
  2. Use the Word application scope and pass the path of the Word document.
  3. Use Replace Text in Document activity in it. In Seach for type the “TodayDate” name or other specific unique name mentioned in the footer.
    3.1 Replace with- Provide the date condition with desired format example

3.2 Check the “Replace all” option to change the all-match case with a date.
4. For more, refer to the screenshot attached below.

Gokul Jayakumar

I also got the Solution in this way only. thank you @Gokul_Jayakumar

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