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Could someone please tell me how to insert or type in a current date? This is relating to the Word sales contract exercise where you have to replace the word “date” to a real date. This isn’t related to the exercise, but is there a formula to also insert the previous month end date when naming a file ie “2020.03.31 Invoice” and today is April 15th? Thank you!

Please refer to post below!

Hi @Yannie
the easiest way of doing this would be using the project_notebook.xlsx where you can find a sheet called ‘date’ where you already have some different dates and calculations in conjunction to the date today:


Hi Frank. I inserted an extra line into the project_notebook for the previous month end formula and it’s not picking up when I try to choose it from the list in Studio X. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.

Hi @Yannie - while looking over this I discovered that this date is already in the ‘date’ sheet :slight_smile:


Nevertheless please take a look here - Add formulas - to find the necessary steps to add formulas.
As you can add them to existing sheets by renaming the cell as described in the link - these formuals should be added to the ‘scratchpad’ and not as I have shown above directly in the ‘date’ sheet.

In ‘scratchpad’

In StudioX

It worked! Thanks Frank. :slight_smile:

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