How to add automation to UiPath Assistant

How can I add an automation to Orchestrator and to UiPath Assistant. When I run the automation through the Main file, I get an error message instantly. My coworker told me he got the same error message. He suggested that I try through UiPath Assistant.

How can I do that?

What is the error that you are facing?
How to reproduce the error?
In Studio project, if you are connected to Orchestrator, go to Publish button ribbon → select to publish to your Orchestrator. Then go to Orchestrator → modern folder → add the published process. Make sure that your robot user is added in the same folder where the process is present.

Hi @kadams11
Publish your project to orchestrator


What error are you getting?

First of all if it is not running from studio then publishing it to orchestrator or running from
Assistant will not help…

We need to resolve the error and studio is meant for debugging


“Could not find an asset with the name. Error code: 1002”

When my coworker debugs the automation, he does not get an error so he told me to publish it to the assistant so it could work.


So this error states that some of the asset you are using is not being accessed by the bot…I believe your co worker created a asset in a different folder and you have been given access to a different folder or both are connected to your own personal workspaces


Thanks. I will get with my coworker and few out what folder the asset is in.

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