UiPath Assistant Challenges

I am new using the UiPath Studio and I am using a Mac to do this, meaning i am using the cloud version. however I have a simple automation which i say “Hello World” and I can’t seem to find it in my UiPath Assistant. Please is there anyone who has experienced similar issues in the past. and if my problem isn’t clear enough I could explain further, Please help…

Hi @kelvin_Aliche
Are you published your code into orchestrator, if not publish your code then you will see it in UiPath Assistant

I hope it helps!!

Hi @kelvin_Aliche

You can find the process in assistant after publishing the project into orchestrator and create a process.


Hello @kelvin_Aliche ,

Have you published the .nuget package to Orchestrator, and created the Process in Orchestrator?

Hi @kelvin_Aliche

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Can you check if you can run your process from Orchestartor, if yes also check Assistant at the same time if its showing the process while its running.

Verify if Assistant has same login as Orchestartor.
GoTo ->Settings–>Prefrences–>Orchestrator Settings


Hello Prateek,
there seems to be an issue with the UiPath license which I do not understand. Would you like I send a screenshot of error ?

Yes pls, that will be helpful.

Your Assistant shows connected to orch right?



Yes It is connected I believe so. Here are some screenshots.

Hi @kelvin_Aliche

In the attached screenshot see the status it looks like unable to retrieve a licence.

The following thread helps you



Can you check if your user has license allocated?

Hello Lakshman,
is there a way for me to retrieve the license because that seem to be one of my issues.


are you tried as above thread i shared in that youtube videos are there please follow that

Hi @kelvin_Aliche

When you publish your Studio web process publish in “Orchestrator Personal Workspace Feed”. Refer the picture below.

After that when you check back your assistant you will find the process with the description you have given.

Hope it helps!!