How to add a warning message in the arguments or make an argument as a checkbox in a library


I have a library good and working. The client asked if there is a possibility to add a warning message if that argument is changed (right now that argument has a default value), or to make that argument (is a boolean) like a checkbox where if it is check it is true and unchecked is false.

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Rodrigo S.


If you have version control in place, then when you deploy any setting changes, those things would be logged and deploying the changes to Production could require approval.

So if you have that set up, then you would be good for changes to code or settings, and it would be controlled.

If not, the changes are still logged to Orchestrator for auditing.

However, if you are talking about something totally different, like during the process run having a warning message, then you can use the Log Message activity to output a warning, or have it send a notification via email or something.


@ClaytonM thamk you for your answer but it was no quite what i was looking for.

I created a library and made it an activity. I have some in arguments so the library can process the information and perform the process. When you add the in arguments in the library, they appear in the “Properties” panel to set the information. When the developer that is going to use the activity i created (that activity is going to be use by a lot of developers) you can set a value as default, if there is any way that if someone changes that value, uipath throw like a warning when they try to change that parameter

I see, so you are looking for a warning during development.
I don’t think that exists right now. However, as I mentioned, with version controlling, you can see the changes before you update the process. For example, I believe in version 2019 or maybe it’s still in the pipeline, you will be able to see all changes that were made before you check in or publish the updates. I am not sure though what kind of features will be provided by that as far as warnings etc.

I mean, I’m still very new myself so this may not be exactly what you’re looking for.
But if you have a spare robot, I suppose you could always set up an if statement, with the default value as a variable, and the actual value as a secondary variable.
Then, have the robot [display message] if DefValue != ActValue?

The problem is triggering the check; I’m not advanced enough to know how you could get the robot to trigger if a particular value is changed, much less if -any- value is changed.

Though, if they are all numerical values, I suppose an unconventional approach would be to make the Default Value variable a sum of all the default values - or even a concatenation. Then if any of the component pieces were changed, the Actual Value variable would also change, triggering the message?