Outgoing Boolean argument seems to always be false

Hey, I have a custom library with activity that has a boolean argument with direction: Out.

When I use that activity in a project, I create a boolean variable for the activity and print the status. The status is always false, even if I put assign bool = True as the final activity of my library…

Am I doing something wrong? I have used outgoing arguments before but only with string values, I have no problem with those.

I’m on latest UiPath Studio version, 23.4.1.

I would start by checking that in the library, you don’t have a variable with the same name as the boolean argument, as that would cause issues with the assigning.

If that doesn’t help, you could provide some screenshots so it would be easier to check where the problem is :slight_smile:

Hi @antti.saaristo

Can you recheck the argument whether a value is being assigned to that argument through your code in the library,
Becasue the most common reason is that you would have used another variable in place of this one.

Please check and let us know about it.


Well, this is awkward. I was sure I checked this, but lo and behold - there it was. A variable with the same name. That sure fixed it for me, thanks a lot!

Feels like there should be some sort of warning for this eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think this might actually cause an error in Windows compatibility since its got stricter compilation rules, I’m curious was this a Windows - Legacy library?

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True, that’d be nice indeed! :smiley:

I did use the new Windows format though, compiled without warnings.

@loginerror - Is this in the backlog?

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