Idea: Warnings when Publishing/Compiling



When we click Publish (or Compile if that becomes a thing),
we should get some warnings of activities or parts of the code that could keep your process from running smoothly.

Ok, let’s be honest; I’m mainly talking about leaving a message box accidentally in the middle of the workflow and not learning about it until the next “production” run. This seems to come up more than I’d like to admit!



We can understand but better with 2017.1.* better to use **Universal search bar ** to find Message box :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:



Yeah, you would think I would do a search everytime I’m ready to update it, but alas, I don’t sometimes haha.


Haha well to make sure all things are well from our side .we have to do this :wink:

Their are other more things they should concentrate instead of this :stuck_out_tongue: because if in someones process Messages box is needed for user interactivity like password or username or some things else depends on process and needs then? @ClaytonM

Debugger they should work because debugging is very important for a long process and with huge text when writeline will fail then if debug bar will also display wrong activity with job termination is kinda tedious.

Although i have some alternatives which i am using but better to have those things fixed inside studio :slight_smile:



I find it’s better for me to talk these things out so I can create better development habits and remember to avoid these issues in the future.

But, just wanted to present this idea so UiPath can possibly help the developer further. I know other tools like maybe Visual Studio will output warnings when compiling (while not necessarily about message boxes though).

I’m fine either way, but think this idea would help everyone. But, I’m mainly glad I can talk about his and hopefully avoid this down the road! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for reading.


We have planned a Workflow Analyser that will give warnings about various bad practices that we are aware of, but I don;t think message boxes will be included in that list, since most of the time they’re used in valid ways.


Once the analyzer framework is done will it be possible to expand it?
I’m thinking of having an XML or similar config to enable warning suppression with reasoning (sometimes you have to do what you have to do to make things work or the predefined rules do not match your organization coding style guidelines) and custom rules (for starters warnings for specific namespaces or activities - this would also cover case mentioned by @ClaytonM). Possibly adjusting certain limits for built-in rules (CC, If nesting etc.).

Your tools are great, but sometimes its sad that if we need to alter behaviour just a little bit, we need to roll our own or wait.

I’d still kill for possibility to add plugins to studio :wink:


it might be configurable, we’ll see when we get there and give it some more thought.
Either way, it would just give warnings since hard-enforcing best practices can easily turn counterproductive.


Hi Andrzej - possibility to add plugins to studio would indeed be great. But what kind of plugins did you have in mind? Or even better could you raise a separate topic and maybe describe what you had in mind please? Cheers!