After passing argument changes to default value

I have 2 files: status, status_update.
And one boolean variable called “status” which by default = False.
Then I have one argument passing from file 1 (where “status” variable get Assign = True) to file 2.

The problem:
in file 2, the passed argument is = False, instead of = True (as explained, being Assigned = True in file 1).

07/24/2022 18:06:43 => [Debug] Debug started for file: status
07/24/2022 18:06:46 => [Info] robot execution started
07/24/2022 18:06:48 => [Info] Initial status = False
07/24/2022 18:06:48 => [Info] First workflow = True
07/24/2022 18:06:48 => [Warning] Second workflow =  False
07/24/2022 18:06:48 => [Info] robot execution ended in: 00:00:01

in such case we do debug and track where the argument becomes false and check

  • correct passing / wiring the arguments
  • no duplicated variables with the same name of the argument

Peter, files are empty, contains only one Assign activity and Log activity.
At the end, file 1 reports: variable status=True.
At start, file 2 reporst: argument status=False.

maybe you can share the xamls with us

There are the 2 files.

status.xaml (5.8 KB)
status_update.xaml (4.7 KB)

as mentioned:

Avoid this by:

save the xaml and update tha caller xaml

But how variable “status” is wiring with argument “in_status” ?
I did but no new results, just same log.

When updating the imported arguments (ensure all changes are saved) it will look like this:

Yeahhh… that’s was my confusion. Thanks, Peter!


  • create separate names (for variable, for argument)
  • create the argument then set to Value = variable name

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