How to add a Signature or JPG file in a pdf at specific location

I want to add a signature image in a pdf file on the upper side of Authorised signature. How to insert a signature at a specific location when autorised signature will be at random place in a pdf file. Please help me out.

Hi @sarvesh.b

How about using a custom package add picture to PDF?

Refer to the custom activity link below!


I had tried that activity but How can the coordinates be dynamic. Every time the coordinates changes as the page zoom in zoom out


Do you have a word template of this
If so we can use a simple activity to get this done and also export that as a pdf file

That is using REPLACE PICTURE activity under word automation activities
And using EXPORT TO PDF activity

Cheers @sarvesh.b

Yes Sure, Please see the attached file. Can you please provide me an example in .xaml file.? Authorised Signature.docx (12.0 KB)

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The link I shared above has a sample xaml already

You can download the workflow here.

Cheers @sarvesh.b


Thanks buddy, It is working. Hope it will work in my project.

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Glad it got resolved @sarvesh.b

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