How to add Image in PDF pages on specific location?

Let’s Take an example if i have multiple PDF Files , then i want to add Image to specific location, where i had marked in above image as rectangle in red color.

Note that , Signature element is dynamic it change position in different different PDF…

Is there anyway to Implement this idea?

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Hey @NervousTuber

  • You can do it using the word file template

  • Then save your word as pdf

Hope this helps


can you give me the any .xml file for this?

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If this document is in WORD template then this image can be replaced with REPLACE PICTURE ACTIVITY

Can we check once if there is any possibility to have this in word template

As this activity can replace all the occurrences of a picture in a Word document with another specified picture. The picture to replace is identified by its Alt Text.

Cheers @NervousTuber