Can I select date from datepicker using UiPath

how can I select date from this.

Also can I genrate report using UiPath. For Example - If I have Created 4 Scripts and want to run all of them one by one and generate a Report, How do I do this?

before using (RPA) UiPath I am using a robot framework for generating report. Is it possible with UiPath


I would suggest trying to use type into activity first and simply try to fill the field with appropriate data.
Might save you a headache of trying to find correct selectors for the date window controls.

But if you have to click the correct day, you will need to find out all the selectors via UI Explorer and then navigate the window according to your needs (clicking arrows to select a month, clicking the correct day). Those should have their own selectors that you can use.


thanks for reply. can you tell me about report generating using UiPath like a Robot Framework.