Create date Picker via dialog

Hi all,

I know there is an example on direct to a html and allow users to enter the date via the html date picker using custom dialog.

But are there any other ways for date picker as I am required to pop up a box for date picker instead of pop up a html.

Many thanks.


we have Input dialog activity which will accept the string or whatever we need to enter. But coming to date picker, we have the pre-defined input types in HTML or angular. Thats why people used to go for that.

I guess, there is no other way to prompt a date picker other than the input types in HTML. Not sure

Hey ,

Two option can be there :

  1. If there is date picker along with input box the try direct type into the box.

2 . if no input type then go for below process :

Split the input date into three parts i.e. YEAR , MONTH, DAY
Then Open the date picker then 
 a) first go for YEAR selection 
 b) Second go for Month Selection
 c) third go for day selection form date picker box

Always check for element exist into the code clicking on YEAR to Month To DAY.

IT HAS WORKED Smoothly !!

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