How to create Date & Time picker in Input Dialogue box

I want to Select the user input Date range to download the data from SQL Database.
for that I used Input dialogue box for project name, but not able to use date & time picker activity, I tried to add “UiPath.Core.Activities.SAP.SelectDatesInCalendar” from packages but not able to find.

can anyone advice how to add the date picker in input dialogue box.

Below is my box where i need to select the project along with date range

You can use Forms in place of Input Dialog.
With forms you can design your forms with options and date fields.



Select Dates in Calendar works only in real SAP calendars. See the screenshot below

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Hi Lev,

Thanks for hint @LevKushnir

What is the activity that you have shown as “Select Dates in Calendar” ?
Do we need a package for it?

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HI @Saltukhan_Dura

I would recommend to start here

the activities above is

All available out of the box

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