How to restore browser window from background to front



I have two browser activities. How can I switch back to browser window that is in background.


Hey @piyush.2224

I think this link might help you on this:



Hi piyush.2224,

You can use Attach WIndow activity and specify window(here that specific browser) which is to be brought to front. Give the window a name in the properties tab and use Maximize window activity inside the Do sequence of Attach WIndow and specify the window name.

This will work only if the titles of both browsers are different. Please check the Selector as well and revert.



Try method without selector (only Browser variable needed):

Browser = your browser obtained from Open Browser

Invoke method
TargetType = (null)
TargetObject = Browser.Element
MethodName = BringToForeground

you can also combine it with Maximize/Minimize with Browser.Element as Window parameter



Perfect! It is good to use the built in Minimize or maximize activity with browserVar.Element as Window parameter.

Also if some one wants switch back or close a browser, use Invoke Method activity as shown by @Gregory in the the above post.