How to access data from Select Multiple Items

Hi everyone! I’m fairly new to UiPath and have been running into lots of problems in developing an automation for my use case. My use case is as follows:

I’m using a Select Multiple Items activity and pointing it to a list on a webpage. Once I do that I want to be able to get the items in that list as a variable and then use that list to perform a browser search “Ctrl+F” and inside the browser search I want the names that are from that list.

Hi @Wahaj11

You can iterate the each item in the List by using for each activity.

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Step 1: Select Multiple Items
Step 2: Get Selected Items
Step 3: Iterate through the items and perform browser search
ForEachRow in selectedItemsDataTable
in Body
Step 4: Simulate pressing
TypeInto Text=“[k(ctrl)]f[k(ctrl)]”
Step 5: Type each item into the browser search
TypeInto Text=“[CurrentRow(“ColumnName”).ToString]”
SendHotkey Key=“[k(enter)]”


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how do I get the “Get Selected Items” activity I don’t see it in my list


What you got in multiple select items

Itereate them

I’m not sure I understand your comment, I get multiple items from the above step, but how do I use what I got in that step in the next one.

keep it in for eachrow and try

before you iterate them you should store the values in variable

so you mean to keep the Select Multiple Item ‘DIV’ activity in the loop? But if I do that what source do I give to the loop??

what are the values are to select in website

before you want create an array to store values in it

and itereate

The values are a list of texts, I can see what values I get in the activity’s property editor but I don’t know how to pass them forward. In the image below you can see that I get String from the activity, but how can I access this value in the next activity.

Hi @Wahaj11 ,

This operation helps you select 1 item from a list of items, for example, with a dropdown list with several values, it will select 1 value in that list.
For example, here I have a dropdown list that selects a date value, I created a dynamic variable value before
In this activity, I only intend for it to choose that way
Other sample

Hope it help,

Try the activity Get Attribute, and choose the Attribute selecteditem or selecteditems.