Issues in multiple select

Hello everyone,

I need to select “n” number of value from Multiple select item box. Number of item to be selected will vary dynamically.

Eg : for 1st transaction - select item value
academy, training, travel
For 2nd transaction - select item value

So far I Have created one variable ( items) as list type and mapped it to multiple select as item (0), item(1), item (2)

For 1st transaction it’s works as all item has value.
For 2nd transaction getting error as the item (0) only contains value and rest of them item (1) & item (2) doesn’t have the value.

Please assist on how to overcome this issue

Would be great if someone could able to respond to above - thanks

Try this one…

Hi @Mohansadaiyapillai,

Thanks for your response, link which you have shared is for select item -but i need help on multiple select option.

also i wanted to how to pass the value dynamically - thanks