IMAP not fetching "all mails" folder from gmail

i am trying to download the attachment from one mail which is flashing in inbox but studio isnt fetching its subject name.
and when i tried to give “all mails” folder ,its showing error.


If your mails are available in inbox, no need to mention any values in the “mailFolder”. It will get all mails available as per the properties in Get IMAP mail message activity.

The error you received due to, it couldn’t able to find the directory “all mails” in your mail account.

then how can i get mails details from “all mail” folder?


Can you try as “[Gmail]/All Mail”

The folder name should be As is

Hope this may help you


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Dear Ankur,

Please follow the below steps for All mail folder :
You basically need to configure Gmail and turn on “Show” for the label, refer to this url:

Then use MailFolder value to “[Gmail]/All mail”

Geetishree Rao


it worked thanks

Happy to help until next time… Happy Automation :slight_smile:

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