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Hello guys! Have a problem. I want to extract a table from a web page, but the selector is messed up.
I want to take the whole table, except the row where there is text “Аналоги для SIGNEDA, PCT04011BBI:”
The problem is, that when I try to select what I need from the table via Extract Table Data, some unwanted data comes in.
The elements that I need to take (They have the collumns and rows elements in them):

The data that Im getting now using Extract Table Data activity (RED HIGHLIGHTED ARE THE ONES THAT I DONT NEED):

Thanks for help in advance guys! :slight_smile:


After extracting use

dt.AsEnumerable.Where(function(x) System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.IsMatch(x(3).ToString,"^[\d-]*$")).CopyToDataTable

I am using a regex to filter the values containing only number and - and remove everything else

Hope this helps


Thanks for the response Anil, but wont it delete the first column? I need that collumn


This is a check on fourth column only…not all the columns


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Oh, ok, now I get it, but then there comes another problem. I will have to check about 20 different tables that look like the one above. There is a chance, that the row that is not needed will be in the 5th or 2nd row of the table that I extract. Then it might not work i think, yes?


This checkt he 4 th column…not row…

And i gave this regex based on the values i saw in the column…

If similar column is there then use the same regex and change the column index from 3 to whatever column index you get in that table

If its different value pattern then we might need to look at other way


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