How to scrape a web table, with different elements, and three columns with URLs

Hi to all,
i have a big problem in collecting elements of a table.

I have to leave a table of this type.
I am good at collecting generic elements in the table, but this time I also have to collect the URLs that are under the colored icons.
(original file, import log file, error log file)
What I mean, for each IMPORT ID (column 0), I have three urls to collect, which I have to click on later.

When I try to build scraping, uipath gives me an error.

If I use uipath automatic collection, the cells that should contain the URLs are empty.

Metadata: “<extract-table get_columns_name=‘1’ get_empty_columns=‘1’ /”

If I only collect the url,


<column exact=‘1’ name=‘Column2’ attr=‘href’
<webctrl tag=‘tr’ idx=‘33’/
<webctrl tag=‘td’/
<webctrl tag=‘span’ idx=‘1’/
<webctrl tag=‘a’/

If I try to collect items individually, for example Import_ID and URL under the icon, I get this error.

Can anyone help me with this please?
I don’t know if I’ve been clear enough, but maybe someone has had this problem before.

Hi PPR, thanks for your link…

this type of collection, I am able to do it.
my case is different.
Each ID has three links to collect.

As if MAX, of the first line, had both LINK1, link2, link3
and then Carla, link1, link2, link3…

Now, I don’t know how I can collect the 3 links on one line,
or duplicate the lines with the names, and on each line, insert the relative link.

MAX - link 1
Max - link 2
max - link 3

Max: link1 || link2|| link3||

in your case we would recommend to configure for each web table column also a corresponding column for the extract Data Datatable

Original File, Import …, Error Log …

as described in the tutorial:

  • post edit a prepared column (extract config)
  • change attribute to href for urls

we would recommend to check the detail structure form td tags to the a tag e.g. in UiExplorer or Browser F12 Webtools

Ok Perer … I try to watch the tutorial carefully …
I may need some extra help. :neutral_face: :roll_eyes: :grimacing:

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Hey @AaronMark

Kindly after you give a try if you still need help please let us know