How much pay scale Ui Path Developer can get?



After completing advance level, is there any job opportunities for Ui Developers and how much they will be paid ?

#2 - You can check indicative salaries related to UiPath/RPA Developer in websites like glassdoor or paysa. Completing all the trainings provided in and the RPA Advanced Developer Certification (which is free till 31st March 2019) will help you in facing the interviews with confidence. Good luck!


In india a 2-4 years of experienced person can get 8-10 lakh. In Uk it is arund 60K GBP


Thank you for your response… I have completed the Advance level and currently working over the practical assignments. Is there any scope for freshers ? as I know uipath now but dont have any technical background


@FebinKAndrews thank you dear for your response, however how can we approach to company for such kind of openings in UK and any reliable source where I can find openings


where are u located currently? If india, i am afraid nobody will hire directly to UK. general visa req says a minimum salary of 140K GBP. per annum . However, i would say u update your linked in profile and people across world will reach out to you . you can negotiate your conditions and make a deal. eg countires netherlands, dubai, singapore etc… [ not UK ]


Thanks for the interesting topic!


@FebinKAndrews thank you so much for your valuable time and suggestion :slight_smile:


@David_Curtis your most welcome

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