2018 - US Market - What are the current market rates for UIPath Professionals?


Trying to reach experienced UIPath Pros and Recruiters for answers to this question.

What is the current market rate (US Dollars $) for UIPath Pros?
e.g. (a range e.g. $70/hr to $150/hr 1099)

What certifications and years of experience are associated with these contract salary ranges?

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These rates are depends on location… NYC and Calif you will need to add 20% extra.
RPA UiPath Certification will have more value to pick interview call.






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Hi @nougain. Do you have the source for those W2 rates? I’m leading the RPA effort at a 500 person insurance company and we haven’t figured out what my position title or salary should be. Looking for something I could pass on to HR.



Hi @tmays - It was through a webinar from ApexSystems.com by Carrie Collier



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