UiPath Multi Node Orchestrator


I am trying to setup Multi Tenant Orchestrator in AWS, and I came across the Installation steps. Where it is mentioned that we need to get a seperate license from Uipath for MultiNode.
Can anyone guide me about the licenses for muti Node Orchestrator
Is it possible to do a Multi Node trial with Uipath community Licenses?


where u got that u need multinode license ? I never heard it before.

Multi-node I believe is referring to clustering for high-availability which is separate from tenants.

I would suggest reaching out to the sales teams to discuss the licensing specifics.

UiPath - High-Availability Add-On for Orchestrator High-Availability Add-On license The license provides access to redundancy and stability for multi-node Orchestrator deployment. Each cluster has three nodes and it requires a separate license.

UiPath - Orchestrator - Basic Maximum 5 Robot licenses (Attended Robot and/or Unattended Robot), plus a maximum of 5 Studio licenses Orchestrator Basic is a variation of Orchestrator Standard, with the same technical functionalities but limited to be used by a single tenant in a Production environment.

|UiPath - Orchestrator - Standard|Orchestrator Standard license|The license grants you access to a single Orchestrator instance where you can have unlimited number of tenants.

A tenant is a separate logical environments which includes users, Attended Robots and/or Unattended Robots, processes and data. Learn more about tenants.


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