Orchestrator License and Unattended Robot License

When Orchestrator license is purchased, will it contains Unattended robot within orchestrator license, or do I need to purchase unattended and attended robot license separately?

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With the Community edition, the robot licenses come packaged with Orchestrator (1 unattended and 2 attended).

And with Enterprise, yes, licenses are purchased separately for each components you will want to use.

Hi @rifnanahas
Orchestrator : Need License
To deploy Orchestrator as a enterprise version its required license , you can keep one license or you can have each separate license for each tenant (if you want) in same orchestrator instance

Robots :
Unattended - Required License
Attended - Required License
Development - Required License
Non Productions - Required License
Studio/StudioX- Required License

Above are the robots type in Uipath having and every robot license you have to purchase according to your requirements