How many cost per license per month Uipath studio

Dear Guys,
I’m young for the RPA developer. I learn on Uipath academy and got the diploma.
I have small project in my company and Management has excited on this. Then they want to know about cost RPA license. That we have the plan to implement RPA in the company.

Uipath studio+attended robot how many cost per month or year (license)
Uipath studio+unattended robot+Orchestrator how many cost per month or year
Appreciate if your can advise on Euro €.
Uipath studio 100 €/ Month
Attended robot 98€/ Month
Orchestrator 200€/Monthd

My country is Thailand
Thank you.

Hi @daviday.guys

Here is the price detail


I’m looping in @loginerror @Pablito for this query

I got it, but I have question?
If I want to create robot and run on local by myself we will select first option right?
I mean 1 Automation Developer let say 420 Euro per month (This package include attended robot) right?

2 if we have new opportunity and create many project and need triggers to send command to robot for support all jobs we will buy option 2 unattended automation right?

3 Big scope or project run 7*24 will select option 3 or contact sales right?

please correct if I am wrong.



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I believe even though you see the per month basis but billed at Yearly
It’s better to contact sales for the licensing terms.

Hope this clears you


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Agree, please use this form :slight_smile:

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