What is the licensing fee for 1 developer?


What is the licensing fee for 1 developer?

The amount is annual or monthly, I’ve filled out the sales form a few times but no one responded.

I have 2 robots to develop and convince the company I work to start development internally and no longer need to outsource the robots.



License fee will be charged based on what type of Bot licence you are purchasing and also it will vary from one region to region. It’s better to contact UiPath sales team and they are the correct person to assist your query. Please raise support request here.

Hi @lakshman
That’s the problem, I’ve filled out the form a few times and never got a response.
But I appreciate the help.

Hi @Rodrigo_Buch

Have a look on the link. But you need to contact UiPath sale team for more information


Hey @Gokul001

Reading the licensing policy, I saw that we fit into Small Business.

Since we are going to develop automation to meet our internal processes, but I have a doubt with the Community License.

Was I able to automate on internal VMs? Will I always need to use the Orchestrator?

HI @Rodrigo_Buch

If you are using Community, The orchestrator is based on you its not mandatory.