Cost for UIPath license

Hi there

We are quite new with RPA and trying to explore in term of costing.

With UIPath, we’ve noticed that there are 2 type of products one is for Commercial and the other is Community (free) with some limitation of functionalities .

For commercial software, how much the cost will be roughly? I assume this will be annual license, is that right? As per comparison, someone mentioned the other day in Quora that Blue Prism has licensing of $10K and min 10 licenses required so equivalent to $100K / year. UIPath will be similar cost then I would imagine ?

I’m appreciated your feedback.

Thank you


It depends on number of robots and dev studios you want to run.
I’d suggest you use ContactUs form the main page (, not forums), since licensing costs etc. are not public.

But, from ballpark perspective I can say costs will not surprise you in a negative way when comparing to other RPA software.