Licensing for small businesses

For a small company that has 1 RPA developer and will distribute robots in VM doing an average of 3 automations per month, what is the ideal license?

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I guess the second plan should suit your needs.

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Even it shows per month basis, but billed at Yearly basis

You might have meet the UiPath partner in your area or contact UiPath Sales Team below

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So the value of $1,200k is the annual license fee?

Because if it’s monthly, as I’m thinking, due to the exchange rate in Brazil, it’s unfeasible for those starting out.

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It might be best for you to contact our sales team directly via the contact form :slight_smile:

Also, the Community version is also allowed for use in small businesses (please check the T&C for the exact details).

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I’ve tried this form a few times.

But if I didn’t get it wrong, I think the Community license can serve me because I’m going to develop automation for internal sectors of our company.

You are considered small business based on legal terms definition:


In that case you are ok to use Community license that includes:

2 Automation Developer
2 Attended robots
1 Unattended

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This information I was looking for

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