How hide Open Browser



I’m using open browser activity, i want to hide the browser and get the data. I used hidden option but it is not working. Any other alternative.


what do you mean by hide?
you could just minimize it.


I want to do extract the data with out opening the window (back-end Operations ). Is it possible to extract data with out opening the browser or any other option?


Hi there @vickyms57,
You can use the ‘Hidden’ property within ‘Open Browser’.

However, you will only be able to use API-based interaction, Simulate Type/Simulate Click.



Will Element Exists activity works if we use he ‘Hidden’ property within ‘Open Browser’?


Hi @vickyms57,

Yes, Element Exists may return true and the element hidden also.



Hidden option is not working for Open Browser activity. I’ve used Get text and Element Exists activity in Open Browser.